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Our Service


1. Outpatient Department Service

   Opening time:

15:00-16:00, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays every semester; closed during summer and winter vacations.


The Health and Medical Care Section, 1F, Boya court

   Attending physicians:

      Physicians from the Medicine  and Family MedicineDepartment, VGHTPE.


2. Health service

(1) New student health checkups and health data management

(2) Follow-up of health problems found at checkup

(3) HBV vaccination and follow-up of HBV carrier

(4) Outpatients Department and consultation services

(5) Campus first aid

(6) Student group insurance and claims

(7) Contagious disease control

(8) Lending of first-aid kits, crutches and other medical instruments


3. Health Education

(1) First-aid training and lectures

(2) Health symposiums

(3) Cafeteria hygiene education and hygiene lectures for restaurant workers

(4)Providing a full range of medical and healthcare information


4. Student Group Insurance

(1) Insured: All students

(2) Coverage: Death, disability or hospitalization due to diseases or accidents during the policy term.

(3) Medical claims payment:

l Hospitalization claim

l Outpatients Department claims for injuries from accidents

l Claim for fracture without hospitalization

l Claim for first-time cancer patient

l Claim for serious illness and/or injuries

(4) Application for claims: Please contact the Health and Medical

     Care Section

(5) Validity: The right to claim will be lost when not exercised within

      2 years from accidents. Please make your application as soon as possible.


5. Health environment

(1) Monthly examination of water fountains on the campus for coliforms and other bacteria.

(2) Monthly chlorine residue and pH value tests of tap water in all buildings on the campus.